Produce will generally be expected to conform to USDA grading guidelines, with associated tolerances for damage and decay.   Since we offer a variety of specialty produce, appearance may vary from the standard USDA size and color grades, but such variations will in all cases be advertised to the buyer before purchase, via the website product listing or other means.

In the event of a problem:

•The buyer will inspect the shipment within 24 hours of receiving, and any rejections shall be made within that time period.

•The buyer will notify Lone Tree Foods sales staff, who will notify the grower and the accounting staff accordingly. 

•The buyer should hold the rejected shipment for recovery and inspection by Lone Tree Foods staff, not longer than 48 hours, after which it may be disposed of.  

•Lone Tree Foods will not charge the buyer for rejected shipments, and will not pay the grower for such shipments. However, rejections made after 24 hours may not be refunded, at the discretion of Lone Tree Foods.